Say hello, wave goodbye

So... this:

eventually becomes this:



I'm curious as to why Hollywood hasn't really explored soul musicians as material for biopics. This is Donny Hathaway's version of Lennon's Jealous Guy. Great arrangement and a killer vocal. Amazing talent...only to eventually commit suicide. What a waste of talent. But, how is it that no one has brought his story forward? More info here.

Same thing with James Carr. This is one of the definitive soul songs recorded in the 60s. To be able to sing this song with that kind of feeling, you have to actually mean it. That's probably a story in itself, but he also suffered from bipolar disorder. Just waiting to be written. Some more info here.


Learning to Fly - Tom Petty w/ Stevie Nicks

Four easy chords. I've been practicing with the capo and changing keys. Fun!


Bryan Ferry "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow" (Live)

Bryan Ferry has such a distinctive voice. He's probably done more solo stuff than stuff with Roxy Music, but I always associate him with Roxy Music still. I wonder if this is the original tempo that Carole King thought of when she wrote it, or if it's closer to The Shirelle's definitive one, which runs to a little over 2 minutes.

Starsailor - Jealous Guy

Impressive cover.

On the dark side

This song is "On the DArk Side," from the movie Eddie and the Cruisers, done by the band John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band. I haven't seen the movie in ages, but I hear the song every now and again on the radio. Every time I hear it (just tonight on the drive back from the gym), something bothers me; this song is supposed to be written in 1963. Hmmmm. To me, there's no way this song comes from the early 60s; doesn't sound like anything from that period, IMHO.

rain and wine

The storms just now started rolling in, with lightning and resulting thunder that seems to be right overhead. I returned from the gym earlier and finished dinner, and the restlessness set in. It seems as though I have a hard time staying inside and calling the night a night so early on; the night's early yet.

I prepared myself to go out for a while, but I stood by the outside breezeway for a minute or so and watched the rain pour down. A couple of bolts of lightning and some rolling thunder...motivation killer. I have no real desire to get soaked, and all that rain will eventually become ice when i'm on my way home, as mother nature has seemingly not gotten the hint and decided to give us one more freeze.

So here I am. At least I have wine.

I'm starting to think of where I might want to take a vacation this summer. I have a couple of long weekends already planned or on the front burner, but I want to spend at least a week or so discovering someplace new and relaxing away from work and from town. A nice escape. Hmmm. I'm listening to Jimmy Buffet right now; that ethos could very well influence my decisions. The possibilities. :)